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I never actually state the obvious but today is Friday. I’m assuming you’re here because you genuinely love and care about me and not just that my blog makes you laugh or gives you stuff to think about and use to argue with your friends.


Regardless of your reason, I’m glad you’re here anyway. As you might know, this isn’t the first time I’m posting this article. Last week, I had some major technical issues and some people could not view it. As such, I decided to repeat it this week. But if you have read it before, don’t be dismayed. You can finally comment now and besides that, there’s a bonus point at the bottom waiting for you.

PS.: My blog recently hit the 200 subscribers mark and even exceeded it.

Me when I checked my subscriber’s list

Because I realise that I don fokop before, I won’t even waste your time. Far too many times, I have heard complaints about how Nigeria is such a messed up country and how some people get jobs while some others don’t, about how there is bribery and corruption in everything. While I can’t dispute these facts with you, I can’t agree either that they are the sole reason behind your aunty’s husband’s cousin’s old friend not being able to get a job.

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A number of skills are required of you if you are to eventually be accepted into the job market because, believe it or not, school isn’t everything. You can’t get a First Class and boom! Everything else would set itself perfectly.

Having said that, ladies and gentlemen, here are a couple of skills which if you ask me are pretty friggin’ important for you to have:

1. Ability to Communicate

Just to be clear, this is NOT the type of communication I mean.

“But Irewole, I’m introverted and I would rather remain in my own shell. I’m too shy to talk to people so I’ll just not do that.” Guess what else you are apart from introverted? Unemployed. That’s right and if you don’t learn how to talk to people, you’ll probably remain that way when you actually need a job.

From public speaking to interpersonal relationships to interviews and every form of interaction in the business world, being able to communicate is an essential skill you cannot neglect. While I cannot teach you that here because it’s not what today’s topic is about, I can tell you that the best ways to improve your communication skills are by reading up on the topic. Books hold an entire world of information you cannot even begin to imagine. The second way is to practice simply because there is quite literally no substitute for it and what better time to start practicing than when your parents are still giving you money and you’re not desperate for work yet?

2. Ability to Network

Have you ever wondered why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer? It really isn’t their favorable or unfavorable village people.

The real answer to the question above is that the rich get richer because they know how to network amongst themselves and as such continuously expose themselves to a wide range of opportunities. The poor? Well, some of them do the equivalent of posting “God when” on their social media. Having said that, I still won’t stop posting that phrase because man is single to stupor.

Moving on. Networking simply is the process of getting acquainted with new people who offer a large variety of opportunities that would be useful to you. Someone once said that everything you’ve ever wanted in life is in the hands of a stranger. So, two tips. The first is to network with people (not only but mostly) higher than you and the second is to provide value to whoever you’re trying to get something from. A great book on networking I would recommend is “Never Eat Alone” by Keith Ferrazzi.

3. Flexibility and Adaptability

Probably shouldn’t have used this picture again but uh… You know me.

If like me you are a bit alien to the two words mentioned above, it is quite normal. I for one happen to enjoy plans and structures and doing things in a certain, specific way and when there are changes, it upsets me… a lot. Apart from this, school indirectly kicks against being able to adopt these skills with all their rules and theories. As such, it is normal for you to have that mind-set. However, this does not make for high employability chances because the basic difference between an experienced person and a “jolly just come” is their ability to adapt.

Life and your job will not always follow your plans. Things would definitely swing in a different direction than you expected it to and for that, you have to be ready. Without this, you risk the possibility of not being able to keep your job or business even after getting it.

4. Critical Thinking

Yes, I used Spongebob… Deal with it!

Above almost all else, our generation rewards mental efforts. The ability to think critically in order to solve problems and provide services to people made people like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs the way they are today. It didn’t just get them there but kept them there as well.

This skill isn’t just important for getting a job but for starting a business as well. Far too many times, I’ve seen people asking for a repost and advertisement of their product but in the end, what they sell is clothes, tote bags etc. I am not criticizing this because really, it’s a great idea. However, there are better ideas. Think outside the box. If everyone else is selling bags and clothes, what can you sell? If there’s nothing else you can sell to people, how can you sell those bags and clothes differently from others? Think critically. Nobody wants to hire a dumbass.

5. Bonus Point

This is especially for those who came to my blog last week and then came back again this week to meet the same thing. First off, I’m sorry. I really am. I tried containing the issues last week but I couldn’t and I couldn’t just let the article go to the wind without everyone else seeing it.

Anyway, the last and one of the most important skills you’ll need is the ability to work with others. This can be quite difficult for some, especially people like myself who spend most of their time working alone, but believe me when I say you need it.

Not everyone can be entrepreneurs who built their entire empires through their hardwork alone. Humans are an absolute necessity and to be successful later, you need to be able to cope and work effectively with them to achieve set goals.

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Our world is rapidly evolving… Frighteningly so perhaps but if you can do your best to evolve with it, especially in the area of technology which I intentionally skipped, my guy, you go dey alright.

But before I go…

  • Did you actually find this article useful or was it just me blabbing to myself at 5am?
  • What of these skills do you sincerely think you need to work on?
  • How are my friends in UNILAG handling resumption? I am personally unable to can.

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Totally not Savage
Totally not Savage

Yooooo, this is really sick,super helpful,I feel like this particular article isn’t constrained to Nigeria alone and can be applied when seeking for employment opportunities worldwide


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Brown Exploits
Brown Exploits

I’m an introvert and I’m this shy person, I wanna have good networks and meet new people to explore and do business with .. my problem is I’m an introvert.


Very interesting article Irewole. I’m working towards each of them,thanks for the tip. As for resumption,I think local girl cannot can too.. I’ve basically skipped all the welcome classes


wonderful ire as usual. gotta share this on my twitter


You know it all seems so easy but in reality… Thanks for this piece though about time some one said something about been flexible (my favorite point)




Wow, this is great, Irewole. I didn’t take you seriously before but I do now. Please, never stop. This is going to take you places.