Don’t Be So Basic Please

Do you wake up every morning and think of how many classes you have in a day and nothing else besides that? Yes? You’re basic. Do you go to school in the morning (or whenever the heck your lazy ass wants), go through your classes, get lunch and then go back home in the evening to watch a movie/read, eat dinner and then sleep in preparation for the next day? Yes? You my friend are very basic. Do you find yourself going through the same routine every single day and just breezing through your time monotonously without adding any new activity to the mix? Yes? Well, I wouldn’t say you’re basic. I’d show you a picture to figure it out yourself instead.

Get it?

Seven or maybe even eight out of ten times, if I ask what the biggest scam ever pulled is, I’d get a resounding “school”. I bet people like Pablo Escobar wouldn’t be all too proud if they knew that they were not considered the biggest criminals in history. All over the country, students (including yourself) keep screaming and talking everyone’s ears off about how school is a scam and how it’s all pointless but what exactly have you done/are you doing to actually improve yourself outside this school that you happen to hate so much?

No really, what exactly?

I’m asking this because you don’t like school. You find the lectures and lecturers boring. You hate having to drag yourself to class and tests everyday but besides this school, the only other thing that you are engaged in is passively breaking the world record of most porn videos watched on a student’s monthly allowance budget. Either that or you’re just sleeping and as a result, being basic.


For this reason (whatever the heck that is), I decided to write this article because really, why would you just want to sit down and be boring for the better part of your stay in school?

Without further ado, here’s a couple of ways you could actually improve yourself and stand out of the crowd of confused, disoriented hens.

1. Read

Ironically, the one thing you hate about school is one of the major things that can save you from a lifelong streak of ignorance and resulting stupidity. I really do hope I’m not being mean in these articles.

Anyway, if you would like to actually become better generally, there are no two ways to it, you have to read and I’m not just talking about finding some random pamphlet online. The internet came along less than fifty years ago so, don’t deceive yourself into believing that it has all the information you need. More than half of all documented human knowledge is found in books so invest your time in those as well.

You might find it boring and I won’t entirely blame you. When I started improving my reading culture, I could not go two chapters without dozing off but at the risk of sounding like an underpaid motivational speaker, I didn’t stop and now, I’m better for it. Now, I can proudly say that I can go through three whole chapters before feeling the urge to sleep off.

2. Meet New People

If only the friends I’ve got can pose normally for a picture like this.

This point literally cannot be overemphasized. Mostly because it would get you mad seeing me repeat it but that aside, you need to actually make an effort to meet new people. Sure, girls can be rude and might wave off any attempt at you trying to befriend them. Sure, guys can be annoying and might just want to use you for your body but… oh wait. There are no buts. People are quite shitty.

In spite of that though, you have to make conscious effort to step out of your comfort zone to meet new people. Not everyone is an egoistic douchebag who is unnecessarily mean. Find out the good ones especially and try to befriend them.

See Also: Entitlement? Eww.

How? Occasionally attend events and functions – formal, semiformal and informal. I’m not talking about going to some crowded room with drunk, sweaty people with bad breath in the name of a party. Naa, the best you can get out of that in most cases is herpes. Attend events where the other attendees are sober, when you notice that smart guy/girl in class, walk up to him/her and introduce yourself. It’s not as hard as you think and it’s totally worth it. You have no idea how you would be helping yourself by doing so. I don’t either but I thought I’d sound pretty mysterious and smart if I said that last line.

3. Start/Do Something

When did I start using motivational pictures? 😭

Not everyone is suited to be an entrepreneur. Some people are much better at helping other people’s dreams come to pass and trust me, there’s nothing wrong with that especially if you are getting paid reasonably. Only question is how would you know? How exactly would you know what you’re suited for if you’ve never tried one or the other?

My advice for you is to find something to do or start something. Constantly be on the lookout for jobs, the kind that would favor students. As soon as you get one, find a balance so you don’t end up neglecting school for your work. If you are not inclined in that direction, start a small business. It could be as simple as renting balls to departments who wanna play a friendly match or something. Regardless of what it is, just start something. Neither of these options might make you millions as such but they would teach you some valuable lessons you couldn’t have learned if you hadn’t started them.

I ran outta fun ways to tell you to subscribe three posts ago but no one needs to know that.


I’m done ranting and can’t think of anything more to say because I’m afraid my Indomie is burning already. See you in the comment section.

Crap, I have to ask questions…

  • Did you enjoy the article?
  • Have I been sounding mean lately? I think I have but I’m not too sure. Have I?
  • What other way can one improve his or herself in your opinion?

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Heyyyyyyyyyyy, it has been on my mind to check this blog but I keep forgetting. Sooooo yes this another very good one, yes you’re getting really mean it’s tew much I just can’t take it😭😭😭. Anyway, lastly I might have said traveling but this is a mostly students’ blog so yh nope, but it’s part of it. Now, actually the speaking to people is my most difficult things out of the list. Not because of any of the reasons ( they are true and affect it but that’s not the primary reason) , I’m just really picky with people I… Read more »


What about those who have enough friends to last the entire stay of university???


Well,I enjoyed the article bruv,but unfortunately and fortunately I’m used to being alone.I believe friends are shitty, although there are some pretty good friends I’ve made over the years but literally what the average teenager thinks about is sex,sex and more sex😆😆😆😆😆
Fortunately for me though,at least I’ve got reading as a hobby, I can get through 5 chapters🙂🙂🙂without dozing sha

Essy Dike
Essy Dike

I still dunno how you think up these sensible stuff lil man🌚


BTW.. You’re so mean(rolls eyes cause my stupid keyboard has no emoji). You should try and be a little nicer


Well,I’m very tired of the same routine all day and what have I done? Registered for trainings and courses related to my field of study. I can as well use these boring and annoying four years to gather a heap of extra certificates.


You are mean. But that’s just you being you so no sweat. P.S. I’m not basic😁