Choosing a Career Path

It feels like all my articles these days start with a “before I begin.” Nonetheless, before I begin this article, I want to apologize for not posting yesterday. I can begin to tell you all the things that kept me busy and how I had to fight all the demons from hell but that’s not what happened. I went to school, ate, attended an event, attended a meeting, came back home, ate and then slept. I would’ve mentioned procrastination but that goes without saying.

So, in case you are wondering, no, it’s not every time that my day is filled with productivity. I can be lazy, I can get tired, I can get overwhelmed and sometimes, I can try to escape. It’s normal. I’m human.

And I can bet that’s very relatable for you

So, I’m sorry for not posting yesterday. I would do my best to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Not under these circumstances at least. Just forgive me.

I know you can’t stay mad at my handsome self

Now that that’s out of the way, last week, I told you that your CGPA does not matter in heaven. I mentioned to you that there are a number of other things that are required in the job market besides the four to five lines your Bachelor’s Degree would put in your CV but you already know all these.

After the article last week, I got a number of messages and one was particularly touching. The cute, adorable girl told me that she was having trouble deciding on the things that she could do with her time and essentially choosing a career path. After telling her as much as I know, I decided to do a little bit more research on the topic and write this article.

Keep in mind that there might not be a lot of jokes here (except my love life of course). Without further ado, here are different ways/steps through which you can decide on a career path:

1. Make a List

No sweetheart, not the things you want to extort from your boyfriend/girlfriend

This list would include everything – and I mean every single thing – that is of interest to you, that you are good at and that you enjoy doing. Even if you have never had any work experience whatsoever in that regard and you are just tingled slightly by the idea of the job, put it down. This step would require you to know yourself and understand the things that you enjoy and the things that would put you off.

2. Narrow it Down

People like to say that you can do anything if you believe but if you are being honest with yourself, that isn’t always the case. Yes, it is possible to do almost anything you choose but half the time, you do not have the resources or even single-mindedness required “to make your dreams come true.”

So, after making your list in number one, depending on how long it is, you need to start cutting things off. It is normal that your list was made out of lack of information, so, ask questions. Find out from people and the internet how that profession works. Take off the things that are just not realistic. If there is nothing left after conducting all your research and crossing off the things you wouldn’t like to do, it’s likely that your list wasn’t comprehensive enough, you’re lazy or you’re excessively money oriented amongst other possible reasons. Act accordingly.

3. Read, Study, Learn, Grow

After narrowing down your career path, you would need to begin learning more than just surface information about your areas of interest. The internet these days is so wide and vast that you can get pretty much anything you want there. Go online, take courses on your area of interest, watch YouTube videos, read blogs and websites. Study anything you can get your hands on in order to increase your scope of knowledge.

4. Network and Work

I have already mentioned to you more times than I can count the importance of networking. In this case, you would be looking for relevant people in your field of interest. They could be your mentors and provide advice to you on topics that are bothersome. They could connect you to people who have job leads or help you start up your business. The list is endless. Someone even went ahead to say that everything you’ve ever wanted is in the hands of a stranger.

For the second part of this subtopic, you don’t have to have millions of nairas in the bank in order to start up whatever you want to. If your preferred line of work is entrepreneurial, start wherever you can but make properly researched choices. If your preferred line is employee related begin looking for places to intern and then work your way up.

5. Be Consistent and Unwavering

When you are sure that you want something and it’s not just a fling like my last relationship where things end because you forgot their birthday, **sheds tear** you should make sure to be consistent. Create a plan for yourself if necessary/possible and work through it.

Besides that, it is nearly impossible that you won’t encounter some sort of failure or setback. Potential mentors would snob you, you would get frustrated when things go wrong and you’d best believe that they will, you’ll go broke and your girlfriend might even break up with you but when you fail, try again. Never give up. Or give up. It’s your choice really. Personally, I just want to buy suya before it sells out tonight.

Apart from all these, it is important for me to mention that there are career tests you can take online. They ask you questions and suggest possible career paths to you based on your answers. Most of them aren’t very good but I found this one particularly useful because it actually gave me options that have crossed my mind before.

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Life can be very overwhelming, including all these things I’ve mentioned, so remember to take it easy on yourself every now and then.

Blablabla you can do it, blablabla I believe in you, blablabla the sky is your starting point. You get the drift.

Before you leave:

  • What do you think of this article?
  • Should I write more articles like this one where I talk about how to start preparing for your future?
  • When do suya guys close in your area because I think the ones here are just proud!
  • How else do you think a person can figure out his/her career path.

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I’d actually like to study psychology. I mean, it’d be really cool to be able to understand the way the human mind works, cause I barely even understand mine, but I like studying about the earth more.


This is really helpful….. Keep it up bro


Can someone please help me and do all these tips on my behalf?? I’m too stressed out.😪