About Me

Hey there!

My name is Oyebode Oluwasegun but most of my friends call me Irewole – a pseudonym. It’s a Yoruba name that translates to “goodness has come in”.

I am currently a student of Mass Communication in the University of Lagos, Nigeria. Here on my blog, you’d find great articles relating to student lifestyle, all the weird things that go on in my head (and yours too) and the occasional gist that comes along with being me.

A “Quick” Intro

Before going ahead, I want to apologize in advance just in case this turns into a primary school English class “Myself” composition at one point or the other. Do please bear with me, sharing isn’t exactly my strong suit.

Breaking News: Handsome young man posts pictures of himself unnecessarily online.

At the age of twelve or so, I discovered that I have two distinct talents among others. The first is singing and the second is writing.

I never really worked on the first because of a crippling inability to write song lyrics that could be applied to any genre of music – believe me, I tried! As for the second, I began working on it and I absolutely loved it.

Started out by writing short stories in my jotters when I was bored. Fat load of fun that was and since it’s good to take things slow and enjoy the process, I decided to jump right into writing a book.

About thirty thousand words later, I was done with my fictional masterpiece at age twelve? Thirteen? I don’t quite remember but “Diamonds and Legends” got me a level of high that even a year’s supply of crystal meth couldn’t match.

PS.: I don’t do drugs. *wink wink*

Of course, the book never got published. Seeing how shitty it was after rereading it a couple of months later almost plunged me into a rather long bout of teenage depression that stemmed from a feeling of not being able to do anything right.

Enough of the sad stuff. About a year later, I picked myself back up and began writing again. Nothing beats a couple of dumb poems written in one emotion filled minute.

Overtime, my writing matured from little poems edited on Android apps to stories created with a logical plot. It moved on to articles that could be considered “good” and then got to the stage of this blog right here. I still haven’t written another book but I’ll get around to that eventually… hopefully.

Why I Created This Blog

I want to say something inspirational. I want to say something deep and tell you about how bla bla bla… God knows I hate cliches.

No, it’s not an orgasm Mr/Ms Nasty Mindson. It’s what I look like right now rolling my eyes at clich├ęs.

I created this blog simply because I wanted to. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. It’d help me improve my writing and give me the freedom to write how I really want to – with unbridled sarcasm, brutal honesty and a potpourri of unnecessary cuss words every now and then.

Besides all of that is the fact that I really do like writing. You’re probably thinking “he sees it as an outlet for his emotions” but naa fam. Especially in fiction, you get to bring to life and kill anyone you friggin’ want without being arrested no matter how gruesome the murder. What’s there not to love?!

Apart from those two very noble reasons, I also just want to play my part you know? Create a healthy form of escape for students and young adults who are trying to cope with academic/non-academic stress all over the country. While I’m at it, I’d throw in a number of solutions to a couple of issues you might be facing socially, financially or academically. I know, I know, I’m too kind.

A Little Bit More About Me

Yep, still talking. Deal with it.

Currently, I write for other blogs. One of them is Talker’s Spot. I’m an OAP at 103.1 Unilag FM. I’m also the content manager for GetHostel Services – an accommodation providing company in Lagos.

Allow me to stop you right there if you’re thinking about something really big because you saw “manager”. Don’t get it twisted, it’s pretty much a fancy term for “writer”. Kinda like how you might call a roadside shoe maker a Self Promoting Cobbler – assuming people actually do that.

You know what? Scratch that last part, I’m awesome!

Apart from the above, I’m currently learning screenwriting and putting myself through some training in digital marketing. I’m hoping that a couple of months (or weeks) from now, I’ll be able to edit that part to “I am a ___”.

In Conclusion

It’s an old pic. Ignore the picture quality and focus on all the love I’m giving out here.

I can’t say that I have everything figured out for this blog already but I really do hope that as time goes on, it would evolve into something much better than what it is right now.

That’s that for now but that’s not all that there is about me. If you’d like to get to know me even more or you’ve got business to discuss, you can contact, DM or follow me on:

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